Splash Screen Before AppDidFinishLaunching?

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I've noticed in a lot of games / applications (okay, more like all applications), that on launch, a splash screen is shown from the moment of launch. Specifically, a splash screen appears even before the iPhone's "zoom" animation is complete, generally displaying a company name or something.

However, applicationDidFinishLaunching is called after this zoom. As far as I know, this method is the only way I can get my foot in the door to display a splash screen. There must be something I'm missing, and I expect it is ridiculously simple. Please help!

Thanks in advance,
- Dave H.
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Search the docs for "launch image" and you will find the easy solution.
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In your project directory, you need to put a 320x480 png file and name it "Default.png". The OS handles it for you. Make the PNG how you want your splash screen to look. It will display as long as it takes your game to initialize.
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