Tetris, Brickout and other games question

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I like these ideas. It sounds like we will end up with a proper game!

> I now have a basic lemming thing Cocoa/ObjC and it uses a big image and splits it up. It basically draws a bouncing ball that "walks" from left to right. It will probably be best to use the tried and tested two images thing (or possibly use the tiff alpha channel instead of a mask) instead of this idea:

> I don't know how possible this is but at least on a CRAY super computer it would be fun...
Have a play then read on:
If all the terrain was made of these springs then the whole world would be elastic and for example if a worm/Lemming was standing on a platform then another worm blasted it the platform would spring up and send him flying, or if there were several on a bridge then it would bend and pull then all into the center.

> If it is image based we will need an editor that supports some sort of object file so that we can implement moving/animated hammers, catapults, escalators etc..

> I guess an important list of things we need are:
Some nice music, like hooptie
Sounds for explosions etc
Our thoughts gathered
Graphics for the "Lemmings" or "Worms" or whatever, I think 32*32 for each cell of a big image. I plan to use a vertical line from the center of a 32*32 block as a collision area.
More graphics... Backgrounds, weapons etc
And a general brainstorm..

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ededed, join us at http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthrea...eadid=1319 ... I basically continued the thread over there.
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