A general OpenGL Newbie question

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I am developing in RealBasic, and just became intrigued with doing some 3d programing. Now, I plan on getting in some experience beforehand (probably with 2d first), but I wanted to know something about development.

How are different file formats for 3d files used when it comes to OGL? For example, I've got GMAX, a 3d editor which creates .gmax files. Does it matter to OGL? Is it OGL that does the reading of 3d files, or do I have to actually create the code to read those files? Because I'd have no clue on how to do that Wink

What I am trying to find out is, if I use OGL with RealBasic, will it matter what files I have for my 3d images? Or does OGL not even deal with that part?

Just trying to learn the extreme basics here, as I've had trouble finding answers elsewhere (and Apple's developer site is being really mean right now).

I appreciate any help that you give me!
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OpenGL does not know anything about files, you have to do that yourself. Check out the idevgames faq for more info.
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