Basic Steps for Creating 3D Games

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I am working in a Multimedia Company as a Multimedia Developer, My expertise in 2D and 3D graphics and Animation, mostly use 3D studio Max and other graphic tools, I want to know how can I creat a good 3D game without using much programming. Is there any good software to create games with using max.

Plz help me out.

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Do a search on this topic....

Then check out dim3. Also think about Director with its 3D features since your background is in multimedia.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Thanks for response,

I like to know how to make games in 3D studio Max, is Dim3 creates 3d games.

I just want to know the basic steps, how I start to end.

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An observationÖ

3d Studio Max, being AFAIK not a macintosh application, suggests to me you will be developing on a non-macintosh platform. Therefore you are likely to get better responses elsewhere on the web. has some useful PC-oriented resources.

That said, the help I can give in simple steps is:

1: Design your game, in a fair amount of detail. Know what you want to do.

2: Find a programmer. Better still, learn to program yourself. You will almost certainly not make a 3d game without programming, and probably quite a lot of programming at that. You will need someone to do the inevitable programming, and ideally you need an understanding of what they will actually be doing.

3d studio max is indeed widely used for creating game assets, and I believe quite complex game-related attributes can be given to the models within max - but the game still has to interpret them, display them in the right places, make them act with intelligence if appropriate - they have to make the game, in other words.

Models of the characters, monsters and backgrounds in the game, sketches, level designs and a good design document could all help you in finding a programmer - if you know a little programming, then a prototype of the game would help. If you learn to program yourself, you will probably feel the benefits, even if you can hire a team of programmers to order about.

Criterion's Renderware package has been used for a number of commercial products, and I believe it can produce good results with little programming knowledge, but I would still recommend having a programmer - even disregarding the substantial licensing costs.

Good luck - but you won't get anywhere without doing some research of your own. It's far too large a subject to be covered in a forum post. However, the information is out there. Happy hunting.
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Thanks W_reade,

I want to create games on PC environment also want to run on Microsoft XBox.

Also looking for any good learning material on web which helps me to understand or any case studies.

Also want to know about gaming engine?

Waiting for reply.
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lots of useful information here - and

plenty of postmortems and other stuff. (free registration required)

I don't personally mind what OS you develop for or on, but I would reiterate that iDevGames is a Mac game programming site which will be unable to give you detailed help of the sort that you require.

Do try - they're very PC-focused and will more than likely have what you need. Try the "For Beginners" section, and have a look at their industry-related features as well.

Of course, if you someday do an OS X port, we'll welcome you back with open armsÖ but for now, we can't really help.
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