Looking for Gifted OpenGL coder with some editorial skills

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As an OpenGL programmer, you've undoubtably heard of Nehe's excellent OpenGL tutorials. http://nehe.gamedev.net
iDevGames staff would very much like to mirror those tutorials and its Mac OS (X) ports.
Because of their great value, we are considering creating a subdomain for them.
Besides these tutorials, other OpenGL related material could be placed there as well. (later)

This alone would already be a great added value but we're thinking ahead :
"What if those mostly Windows-oriented tutorials were rewritten for Mac ?" we thought :-)

We are looking for somebody or a group of people interested in building up iDevGames'Nehe/OpenGL subdivision.
This means initially layouting the website to hold the tutorials.
In a second phase maybe rewriting them.
Nehe (Jeff Molofee) once agreed mirroring these tutorials. I'm awaiting his agreement for a rewrite.

There's no deadline for any of this but we do expect a steady and regular progress and real commitment.

Got interested ? Contact me or Carlos.


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Would they have to use GLUT or could they be done with AGL? It's true that you'd have to put some more work into input handling if you were using AGL but, in my opinion, it may be worth it to have the tutorials be as Mac-friendly as possible. Maybe if there was a basic tutorial that used AGL and setup a window with an attached OpenGL context and also setup a menu bar and had some basic input handlers. This tutorial could serve as a template for all the later Macintosh tutorials.

Anyway, it sounds like a good idea and I may be able to help out. Smile
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As it would be rewritten for Mac and MacOS only, AGL seems more appropriate than GLUT at first sight.
Quite some Nehe lessons are already ported but I don't know which one they use.
I'll be in touch.

For interested others : The Nehe tutorial series accounts for several dozens of pages and examples. Any help is much appreciated.
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I'd be interested in helping port some of NeHe's lessons to Carbon & AGL, as I've already ported quite a few as NeHe only seems to host Classic/Carbon & GLUT at present Sad

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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I'd be interested in creating original Mac OpenGL tutorials if you would like to expand on NeHe's.
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hi Ian,

That'd be wonderful. I'll contact you !

We our close to getting a first draft of the new design.
Thanks to Mark(sealFin) for the excellent work !
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There's someone named Bryan Blackburn who's been doing Cocoa ports of Nehe -- quite a few are done so far; I've only downloaded a couple. I would definitely get in touch with him.

--edit-- I just found Bryan Blackburn's page online; http://www.withay.com

http://www.withay.com/macosx/opengl/ has direct links to his ports of most of the nehe tutorials to very nice Cocoa. He's missing lesson 27, and 32 and up. I want 32 (picking)!! 27 is the shadows lesson.

Also, I vote to stay away from GLUT. What's the point of doing GLUT for a targeted platform? GLUT is supposed to be multi-platform.

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Lesson 32 has been completed, and is already mirrored at NeHe's site. It does use a little Carbon, however, since getting mouse position in fullscreen doesn't seem possible in Cocoa; I'd like to hear if someone knows how to get mouse position and receive mouse click notification via Cocoa when in fullscreen.
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I've contacted Bryan.
sealfin and to lesser extent kaisin don't reply to my emails anymore Sad
I very much believe this is a magnificent project.
Nehe agreed we may mirror the ports, the tutorials and even rewrite them for Mac. If only someone would find the time and courage to light the fire.... .
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