Best Introductory OpenGL Book

Jeff Binder
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Radeon supports 3D texturing.
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If you have a PC at home, this link could be of interest to you. It has a .chm version of the OpenGL Red Book, an introdution to OpenGL, all of NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials and the OpenGL SuperBible.
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Definitely, the Red Book is the one to have for reference and all of that. if you want a great introduction to 3D using OpenGL, I recommend Ed Angel's "Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach Using OpenGL" as it gets you started doing real work with OpenGL before discussing things like rasterization and the like. It goes in reverse order of most College level graphics texts (which, if you're self taught, usually makes things easier) by showing you how to do something, and then showing you how OpenGL accomplishes it. Others will disagree, but I've found that those who disagree most vehemently tend to be those that learned CG in a college setting (actually, the loudest was a professor that I TA'd for)

Quick edit:
I should also mention that the examples are cross platform (all in GLUT), and that Ed Angel does actually do some Mac programming (or so he told me)

Just my 0b00000010 cents
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