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I was wondering what the best way to make a map for an overhead driving game (like gta)
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I suppose it would depend largely on how the game is programmed. If the city or cities are too large to make them all by hand, it might make sense to create tiles in Photoshop for grass, sidewalk, roads, corners, intersections, etc. and put them together in a map editor. If you have a 3D graphics program, you may want to use that to create the buildings for added realism.
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download the free Amapi deal
and or download and register Meshworks it's worth its fee, i'm using it now
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That would depend on whether you want to make a pre-rendered game or a real-time 3d game. Which? (Since I don't know the game you are mentioning.) If 3d, then Meshwork would be best. Make the buildings rectangled and slap some textures on them. The ground would be a large texture made in something like Photoshop.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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There is example racing code in the torque engine. You can make your map with the built in editor 2 ways...
1. by hand..affectively brushing landscape on or off

2. by using a greyscale picture as a heightmap...although conceptualizing the size of your 256x256 pixels picture to your 5x5 mile map is a little hard. It seems like five miles at least.

You can see the map making tools for free by downloading RealmWars at
Also while it downloads search the forums for racing...its actively being worked out so you can learn all about it, before you say "yeah my money's on this Torque thing!"

I hope that helps.

Of course if you are doing a top down 2D game. I would make a "track" artistic brush in illustrator and doodle tracks out, export that into photoshop and add all the extra goods. If tiles are a must, either use Photoshop slices or use Debabilzer (for thousands of tiles).

You may want to contact the guy who wrote 3D Dirtbike...he should have some good advice.

Good luck
Mr Bill
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