obj versus .h models

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Cheetah 3d has the ability to export models as .h files.
This removes the need to load an obj.
On the downside, I think it does increase the memory footprint of my app... the memory used is probably the same if I manually loaded the obj.

I just can't unload a model in a low memory situation.
All models loaded this way are always "resident".

But my question is are there any other downsides to this approach?
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Like you said, not a good idea ... its not just unloading in a low mem situation .....if you are using VBOs, you will essentially have two copies of your model in memory.
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So just load the .h as a text file then. It's not that hard to modify and parse as you see fit -- it's certainly a more friendly format than writing your own .obj loader. I have a quick and dirty Cheetah-friendly .obj loader if you want to mess with it: http://www.anotherjake.com/AnotherJake/S...oader.html

In terms of low memory situations, I ignore them at runtime, but not during development. If the system can't make space for my game then the game (or game level) is too big.
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Thanks for the feedback - Im going to take a look at switching back to loading the model from .obj...going to use your app as a starting point Jake - thanks again

BTW - Is there an easy way to see the "memory breakdown" of my app resident in memory?

Even if it just listed the big allocations and their variable names would be helpful...

I know it probably doesn't exist, but it would be sweet

I think I saw there is a new OpenGL view for instruments in XCode 4...has anyone tried it?
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