Can I update from Leopard to Snow Leopard without losing my certificates?

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Hi mates!

This is not exactly a programming question.
I'd like to test SDK 4.0, but I have Leopard, so I can't use SDK and new XCode until I update to Snow Leopard.
The problem is that I don't want to delete anything, specially digital certificates. So, can I update my old Leopard to Snow Leopard?
I mean, is it like Windows that usually updating it is a very bad idea?

Thanks a lot
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Make sure you make a backup of your certificate as per the instructions on the dev portal! ... actually, I think you only need to do that to cover any apps you have already distributed on the App Store.

That said, I upgraded to Snow Leopard with zero problems with the dev tools transition whatsoever, and it didn't screw up my certificate. Just make sure you do the "update" option when installing Snow Leopard.

Also, I would *highly* recommend you do a Time Machine backup before you do the upgrade anyway. Time Machine has really saved my butt several times already this year for various things since I started using it in March.
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I too just upgraded to Snow Leopard a week or two ago. No problems. Though I did backup my entire hard drive first as you should when doing any system update.

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Thanks for replies.

I don't have a Time Capsule. My only valuable data is my certificate.
I'm going to look for in dev portal how to make that backup.

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