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I've finished my first game and am wondering if anyone has done a study or paper on game play via the accelerometer. My game is a 3D FPS style game (Groundhog Assault 3D) and I have implemented the orientation control via the accelerometer. I like the way it operates and like games that play the same way. To tilt the view, the user tilts the control. To turn, the user rotates the control like a steering wheel.

What I've noticed watching people play, is that a new player will pivot on their feet before they rotate the control. I've seen people spin around in place trying to turn even after I've explained it to them. It's good for a laugh, but some users get frustrated quickly.

At first I thought it was my game, but since then I've seen the same behavior with similar style games. So here's the question, why do some people pivot rather than rotate? What can we do about it?
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in the world of "super tutorials", honestly, the first time someone plays, give simple on screen instructions to what they need to do to work it. And it has to be in game. If you have a separate "HEY HERE ARE THE CONTROLS" menu items, it'll be ignored by a portion of your audience.

As for personal opinion: I'm not a fan of most of the accelerometer games as the amount of tuning to make it "just right" is ridiculous, and usually it doesn't add to the experience. Some games it does. I have not tested your game, so don't really know how it feels. Focus testing, focus testing, focus testing. Grab new people all the time, test it out with them. Many people will do simple 2-5 minute tests for absolutely free if you do it right =D
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I don't like accelerometer controlled games.
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What I've noticed, is that there is the "ah ha" moment when the player gets the controls, and the its pretty much smooth sailing with rotating the controller. I did a ton of tuning to get the accelerometer to work the way I wanted it to, and most people seem enjoy the physical nature of accelerometer. The problem I'd like to solve is the inclination for the user to pivot on their feet rather than rotate the control. Does any game work via pivoting on the player?
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