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I've gotten to the point in my game where I need to start tidying up the loose ends, and try to take care of leaks. Luckily, I've only been able to detect a single leak in instruments, and I'm not sure it is even truly a leak. Right around the beginning of execution I get a leak from the QuartzCore library, with ensure_displays() being the Responsible frame. When I check the leaks and goto the heaviest backtraces, from my understanding it is happening within my GLView initframe method, which just sets up the CAEAGLLayer, initializes the EAGLContext, and initializes the separate components of my engine. The engine code is all written in C++, the only Obj-C is the context code and my NSUserDefaults code. Now, I'm guessing that the leak pertains to the context code (given it is from Quartz and pertains to the display) , as I manually allocate the the memory:

CAEAGLLayer* eaglLayer = (CAEAGLLayer*) self.layer;
        eaglLayer.opaque = YES;

        EAGLRenderingAPI api = kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES2;
        m_context = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:api];
        if (!m_context || ForceES1) {
            api = kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES1;
            m_context = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:api];
        if (!m_context || ![EAGLContext setCurrentContext:m_context]) {
            [self release];
            return nil;

However, this obviously doesn't get released until I'm done with the view, just before execution is terminated. So, am I understanding what instruments is telling me and debugging this correctly, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help!
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Nothing obvious about that code snippet pops out at me, but I've been in the habit of missing the obvious recently Wink

Try using the Static Analyzer. It's really good at spotting Obj-C related leaks in my experience.

Also, if the leak is occurring in a system library, it has been my experience that you can safely ignore those since apparently it's okay for Apple's code to leak, especially if it's less than maybe a few hundred kilobytes over the life of the program.
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Alright, thanks for the info!
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