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I'm new to iPhone game development and have a question related to depth sorting.

Basically I'm developing a 2D game which requires using the z-axis. The game is an isometric game with multiple objects on screen..some further away in distance and some nearer. The objects keep shifting in their z-axis, so objects which are behind come in front and objects which are in front go behind. This requires depth sorting of objects.

I have been suggested to use UIImageViews in my game, and to modify the layering of the UIImageview in order to sort out depth issue.

I have tried using insert subview method to change the layering of the UIImageView object but no luck.

Is there another way to work with depth sorting.

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If you are using UIImageView, simply do this.

myImageView.layer.zPosition = 10;

The higher numbers will be drawn on top. where games are friends.
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