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I have finished my first game. Before I submit it, does anybody have a last minute punch list that I should review. Or any suggestions?

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I have a 100% batting average for app approval so far, after a few submissions and many updates (latest submission was approved today, and I believe it goes on sale tomorrow!).

[edit] I shouldn't take full credit myself, since Casey has a lot of input too and does the physical submission and iTunes Connect stuff, so I should say *we* have a 100% batting average. [/edit]

I have a list somewhere, but I can't remember where it is right now. These are just some I can remember off the top of my head right now:

- review the app review guidelines Apple recently put up
- if doing IAP, be certain you read their instructions carefully for all necessary support and rules
- if doing a lite version, same thing (e.g. no buttons grayed out; all features must work fully and correctly, which is true of all apps, actually)
- check for leaks
- check for RAM usage
- check behavior when taking a call/interruptions
- check behavior when device is put to sleep/woken up (e.g. don't draw when asleep (or in the background on >= iOS 4))
- check behavior for starting/stopping iPod app in middle of game (i.e. user starts/stops their music via double-clicking home button)
- check behavior after memory warning (try to catch one on the real device, but a simulated one in the simulator should be enough)
- check behavior if plugging/unplugging headphones to make sure audio doesn't screw up
- don't attempt to send email if email is not enabled on device
- did you remember to disable the sleep/screen dim timer?
- got all your required icons included?
- got all your required default.png's?
- if you're doing iPad, don't forget they'll prefer you to support all orientations, unless you have a good excuse, or you're Apple
- don't forget info.plist settings for:
--- bundle version
--- bundle versions string, short
--- bundle identifier
--- Icon files
- did you remember to set your Other Warning Flags to: -Wall -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter
- build with the static analyzer
- target settings:
--- Deployment Postprocessing: on
--- Strip Debug Symbols During Copy: on
--- Compile for thumb: off
- don't forget to test on as many device models you support as you can!

Gosh, there are a bunch more, but I'm getting fuzzy... Good luck Smile
Actually, outside of the punch list, I have a few other observations which might be helpful alongside it:

Every app I have on the App Store had known bugs that I knew about prior to submission, but which Apple either didn't catch or let slide. One is actually a pretty funny bug, where if you watch the AI play itself long enough in Ace Omicron when not playing a game, the AI demo ship can earn an achievement for killing alien spacecraft -- whoops Rasp I think it's so cute to watch it happen that I refuse to change that behavior, and now call it a "feature". So don't beat yourself up trying to nail that last 0.1% of bugs in your program that you know about, if it's a pretty obscure bug. Like I said, they either miss them or let them slide if your app is 99.9% water-tight. This last app had a real nail-biter of a bug but we were pushed for time and we felt it was obscure enough that it was worth taking the chance.

Memory leaks: I have looked high and low for a definitive answer to this one, but so far my experience has shown that as long as your app isn't the responsible library for a memory leak, they'll let it through. This last app had tons and tons of leaks, but none of them listed my app as being responsible, and it was approved. So I'm not saying that's the way it is, but it's good enough indication to me that if the leaks instrument doesn't point a finger at you, then yer good to go.

As far as RAM usage, on retina we're pushing nearly 40 MB at worst, but for the same app on non-retina it's only about 22 MB at worst, so I don't know how that's going to turn out. For our older stuff, we've pushed upwards of 20-25 MB and haven't received a single complaint from any user in the last couple of years which could be related to RAM usage.
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