Hope this is the right section to ask this question...about "what's hot" in app store

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I don't know if this is the proper section to ask this non-tech question...
I just developed my first iPhone game. It was in "what's new" a week ago and now it appears in "what's hot" in all European countires' app stores.Wow BUT it was not in the US one!!Blink Does that mean each store runs separately, or it's because of the time difference...uhhh...I hope the later one's true...
I don't wanna make this post like a spam so I will not post the link to my game. But please let me speak out the name at least -- super pirate! plunderer of world treasures. and here's a screen shot from the UK app store
[Image: hots.jpg?1346566763]
If anybody here knows the answer, please shed some light on me (is it proper english...Ponder )
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Not all apps are localized for the same regions. I believe that EU/US stores are handled differently due to different laws regarding licensing, etc. as well as localization issues.

Congrats on getting into "What's Hot." With (much) luck you might be able to stay there long enough to make your app profitable.

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I believe each store has its own featured lists, since certain apps will appeal to people in different regions.

Could you please post some kind of comparison about how your app does before it was featured, during its feature (both on the first screen of featured apps and when it's on the second screen), and after the feature is done? This data would be really useful.

Also, did you do anything special that you think propelled your app to the list? This is by far the best way to make an app turn profitable, and I'm sure from this feature you will get great exposure and a ridiculously large boost in sales. Way to go!

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