Big changes coming to iDevGames

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Some of you have heard that iDevApps, our sister site, is now in the hands of Derek. I'm confident that he will do a great job of improving that site and community.

It's my pleasure to announce that the torch will also be passed at iDevGames. Seth (aka FreakSoftware) will be taking over iDevGames, as well as uDevGames. He's been working on a new site for some time and has great changes in store for you all. With his passion, he should serve well, but he will need everyone's help in keeping this community a great place for game developers. Please give him the great support you've given me over the years!

This has been a great journey. It started back in the early 90's when I had an itch to return to programming. As a new Mac user (formerly an Amigan), I looked around for information on game programming on the Mac. It seemed in those dark days that there were a total of 3 people programming games on the Mac. (Thank you Ingemar Ragnemalm for your book!) I jest, but it sure was different from our current state. I began to collect information and before I knew it, '' was launched. Names that come to mind in those days... Kyle (KRAT), Rocco Bowling, Ian Waters, and Nick Vellios. The site grew and we changed the name to iDevGames. We started to add news, interviews, etc. Names to thank in this era: Sacha Saxer, Griggs Domler, Gert Poels, Ian Oldman, Morgan Aldridge. Game assets were added, and even more content. Yet more names to thank: Chris B, Laurence P, William Reade, Mark S, Justin B and many more. Griggs moved on and Josh A took over as site developer.

In 2000, I had a crazy notion to run a contest devoted to the Mac platform. Still working in Japan, I had ample time to work on iDevGames for hours each day. I went around to software developers and garnered some nifty prizes for the entrants. The following year, we expanded the contest, and then for the next three years the contest grew and grew. Amazing to see many of those developers now working professionally in the game dev business! And Mac gamers were rewarded with some great (free) games. Who can forget Kiki the Nanobot and countless others?!?!

Sadly as my time in Japan came to and end, and I moved to the US, devoting hours a day to my 'hobby' proved difficult. We took steps forward, but also steps back. Even so, there aren't many online communities that can trace their roots so far back. Apple's iOS and its platform has brought so many new faces to our once small 'niche'.

It's been a a great honor to have steered this community and I have met some of the best people in my life through iDevGames, uDevGames and iDevApps. Some truly talented people!

It's a great thing to see something that you gave birth to prosper and continue. I'm very happy to see Seth take over and look forward to his new site. Hopefully he won't be begging me to take it back over in 3 months time. lol. My great advice to him is to keep things civil. Always civil. A civil community will always last. Listen to everyone, but be strong to make the decision that benefits the entire community. We have our debates, mud throwing, call for heads, nut cases and so on, but overall the majority have always been sensible.

So how about me? I enjoyed game programming so much as a kid on my TRS-80 Color Computer. College sucked the fun out of programming. iDevGames had me on the sidelines for 12 plus years. So much has changed! It's a bit daunting! I'll divide my time between creating great new game assets for a new website and making some games. Hopefully, I can finally join you all in uDevGames... Feel free to look me up at:

No doubt you'll see me around helping Seth with content.


Feel free to donate to me for the last time so I can afford an iPhone for Xmas. LOL!

p.s. #2
I've mentioned some names that have helped make this community what it is. Here are a few more that I want to highlight. I don't have space for all of you, so if I forget to list your name, be sure that you're in my heart always: Hooptie, OSC, AnotherJake, Alex D, Arekkusu, Skorche, TomorrowPlusX, diordna (always be Diadora to me), Cohen brothers, DoG, Ivan (THE book reviewer) aka Fenris, Bill, PowerMacX, Brian R, Diordna, Kyle (all of you Kyles), akb825, Tuncer Deniz, Andrew C, Sealfin, Lurie, Jake, Steven S, Neil Carter, FrankC, Matt (nice guy) Corey Tamas, Diamond, DaFalcon (very proud of this guy), Aaron (Magpie), Monte (My dad got an Oscar) Boyd, AndyK, Karl (make more sports games) Becker, Justin (super coder) Fic, Aaron (we need more snowman) Sullivan, JakeMc, Lincoln Park Green, Blobbo (making music I assume), David (GLFighters), FC (avatar looks like me) Covett, IB, Andy Largent,, Erazer, Shivers, Blorx, CarbonX, Dr Light, Chris (Death from Above) D, Doug Whitmore, WillT, Justin Brimm, Cookie, Damian, Erazorhead, Kemal, and most of all, MiChan, my wife who gave up so much time so that I could work on iDevGames

p.s.#3 Seth will create another thread to discuss the site handoff and his planned changes, etc.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Thanks for all the hard work Carlos! Good luck with future projects.

I don't often post, but the enthusiasm and experience of members of this forum and the buzz that surrounds uDevGames are really contagious. I suspect that without it, I might not have kept up programming and wouldn't have the job I do today.

Thanks again, and good luck to Seth as well.
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Congrats on your iDevGames retirement Carlos! Too bad it doesn't come with the traditional Rolex, because you certainly deserve one! Smile
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Funny reading this right after the Mac|Life forums went offline. It's good to see that this is just a change of leadership, rather than a shutdown. Hopefully you can stick around and still be a member of the community, even if you aren't running it.
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I've been quiet for a long time, but this place has nevertheless always held a special place in my heart. Thanks for all the support Carlos, and fare thee well.

"Most nutritionists say that Twinkies are bad. But they're not, they're very very good."
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Carlos, you have been one of the great lynchpins in the indie Mac game dev community. Thank you for the years of service, and I look forward to seeing your own game experiments come to fruition.

Today is just another beginning!
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Thanks for the many years of iDev and uDev and everything in between. Hope to still see you around!
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According to the sidebar, I registered this account in 2002. I was 13 years old. I had been writing text games in BASIC and point-and-click adventures in GameMaker. I entered uDevGames in 2003 with Astro Blaster, probably the worst thing I have ever made. (That was in Visual MacStandardBasic, which was open sourced this year.) I also made my first post to the forum in 2003, a ridiculously basic trigonometry question that Keith answered. Now I'm about to graduate college and got my first full time job offer last Wednesday.

Most of my personal development as a programmer happened here during contests. I made a bunch of cool stuff and it would not have been possible without this community. My teenage years would not have been nearly as fun without the chance to get obsessed with a project every couple of months.

I may have lost most of the code I wrote for these contests, but I still have the memories and knowledge I gained from them. I think I can safely say that I would not be the person I am today without this community.

So thanks to Carlos for keeping the site up, and to the rest of you for just being here.

(Also, a shout-out to the other iDGers who spent their teenage years here when I did, e.g. Jake Leveto, Alex Sikora, etc. And to the ones who are doing so now, like Lincoln!)

My web site ~2005:

My web site today:

My web site - Games, music, Python stuff
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What an era it has been, Carlos. What can I say? Thanks for everything! Some of my fondest game creation memories stem from this site. Who could forget Hooptie? That was a wonderful learning experience for me, creating graphics for a team project. And I got deep into Midnight Mansion level design (and later, Insectoid level design) thanks to ActionSoftGuy here. I remember some of the other assets I was able to create, and some of the people I got to enjoy having spirited and informative discussions with. Not to mention all the wonderful Mac games I've gotten the opportunity to play as a result of uDevGames and just through exposure via this community!

Little did I know that all these experiences would directly help me land my current job at one of the grandfathers of quality Mac gaming: Blizzard Entertainment.

And who knows what the future holds? The iOS app store is an exciting place filled with opportunity, and the Mac App Store on the horizon promises more of the same. I'm very pleased to know that this community will be continuing to exist, to thrive, and I hope we all remember to raise our glasses in salute to Carlos for what he's done for all of us each time we release a new game into into the world. Where would each of us have ended up without iDevGames? I don't even want to know. Ninja
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I joined iDevGames in 2003 and entered the uDG contest the following year. Even though my current day job developing frontends & backends for web apps is not game related, I can say that taking part in the contest helped shape the way I handle developing projects to the present day.

A lot has changed since then in the Apple platform as a whole (my phone now has more RAM than my Mac had back then, when my user name made some kind of sense Rasp ) but having access to these forums for exchanging opinions, tips, advice and help has remained a nice constant. This is a great community to be part of!

Good luck Carlos and thank you for all your hard work!
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Man. I remember that I started lurking on iDG back around 2000 or so. I remember the first UDG contest! As I recall, the Metal Basic forums were dying out from the lack of progress on a new version of Metal. I stumbled upon iDG because of the awesome resources section it used to have. I think I downloaded pretty much everything on the site and had grand plans to use them, but of course never ever did. (Oh to be young and dream)

Time for some post archaeology! My first recorded post (Was there some data loss at some point? I swear I remember stuff going back before that) was strangely close to being about spatial hashing, the spatial index I currently use in my popular physics library. I also seemed rather confused about how spatial trees worked in the post, a feature that I'll be adding soon. I've always been quite interested in collision detection and physics. It's interesting to see how far you've come and to see how your understanding of things change and how it stays the same.

And speaking of physics libraries, the friendly iDG community was where I got most of my motivation and advice. I released my first attempt at a physics library (Squirrel Physics Kit) here in 2004. I remember a surprising number of people were interested in it. LightBringer made a game with it and I remember talking with aarku about using it in the Moon Patrol clone he wanted to make called Papa Pizza Patrol. The early interest in my physics engines was what inspired me to continue on to create the much better Chipmunk Physics library which also got it's start on this very forum. It's been used on most modern platform I've heard of including the Wii, DS, PSP, Mac/PC/Linux, iPhone, Android, Symbian, PocketPC, PalmOS, etc. It's been downloaded almost 100k times in the last year alone, used in hundreds of games, and has even made a subtle appearance on Oprah where she gets excited that a clock simulated by Chipmunk is swinging.

Thank you Carlos for starting this great community and thank you to every one else as well for being a part of this great community! I owe a great deal of debt to you all.

Scott Lembcke - Howling Moon Software
Author of Chipmunk Physics - A fast and simple rigid body physics library in C.
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Cheers Carlos for all the hard work over the years! I look forward to your new online endeavours and games.

Also congrats to Seth for grabbing the reins. Glad to know the site remains in capable hands. Cool
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Some disjointed thoughts.

Reading all these reminiscences is great! And it's fun to see all you young whippersnappers turning into "back in the day.." old fogeys like me.

My first posts are long gone. The earliest ones left are incredibly boring attempts to learn OpenGL performance tuning- no wonder my game that year turned out to be such a yawner.

Carlos's contests yanked me back into the Mac game dev scene after I'd lapsed for a while. It's been an important outlet for me, and I've made some new acquaintances, been wowed by the talent, and on rare occasions managed to wow a few people myself. I'm grateful to all of you, and to Carlos in particular.

2010: I just recently released Pawns for iOS, a port of my OMG 2005 contest entry. Carlos is in the credits for supplying a few of the sounds. They were free assets that Carlos released for everyone's use back in 2002-2004.

Every now and then in my house I run across one of the doodads that Carlos mailed me from Japan in exchange for my old video card.

I've given Carlos the "benefit" of my advice over the years, sometimes solicited, sometimes not. Maybe this is the last time?.. Carlos, there will be changes, and with luck the site may one day hit a new period of activity and success. It may lead to some soul-searching on your part, or even resentment. But I hope not. You built the first house- it might get remodelled but it's in the spot you picked, on your foundation, and is where you lived for years. For that matter you'll still be around to enjoy the view.

Thanks, Seth, for picking up the torch.

Long live iDG!

Measure twice, cut once, curse three or four times.
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Thanks so much for your effort on this forum and the contests, Carlos! The 5 people that could get Space Barrage to work for the vector based 28 days contest seemed to REALLY like it! That was inspiration enough for me to keep going with game development and Snowball was a huge leap for me. Believe it or not I've had a working copy of Snowball that is far better than the original on my iPod, iPhone and iPad. The last mile has taken a over a year and is likely to take another half a year, but I'll get it out there.

That's the best part about the contests and the forum. It's an excuse/escape from the daily routine that dominates most of our lives, lets us live our dreams out a bit and, for many, is a foundation to break into a completely different career. Not sure I'd have done too much of gaming without this place and especially the contests.


P.S. Cool, Matt. Downloading Pawns! now. Smile Still think you should have taken me up on anthropomorphizing the chess pieces. Wink

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." - Wizard of Oz
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I remember back in 99 when I joined. I had free time at that particular job and I was able to spend time working iDG and my own pet projects. Different jobs, wife, child etc. I still have an interest in iDG, uDG and I come back from time to time. I'm glad that Carlos is passing the torch. Also its about time Carlos made a uDG entry.

Justin "LordFire" Baldock
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