the #idevgames irc channel on freenode

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When I try to get in the the #idevgames irc channel on freenode I get the following error:

"You need to identify with network services to join the room "#idevgames" on "".

Server Details:
Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services"

I'm using Colloquy on Mac and have no problem joining other IRC channels on freenode.
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It's because #idevgames is very lame in that it requires you to be logged into a registered nickname on freenode, so you'll need to register a nickname on freenode (though it's a good thing to do anyway, because no one else will be able to use your nickname once it is registered).
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Unfortunately, the channel is this way because we suffered some nasty attacks (multiple acquaintances of a member joining repeatedly and saying very offensive things).

/msg nickserv help

in general is a good thing to know. That'll explain how to register your nickname and set a password so that nobody else can steal it.
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