XCode vs GameSalad vs other? cOnFusEd!

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Hi everyone.

I recently decided to get into iPhone game development. Blink

My main goal is to create a puzzle game, and later, a small 2D RPG game. I'm hoping to achieve this within a year.

I have a background in graphic/web design (front end), and have some basic java, as well as experience with pro audio.

I had started learning Objective C, and bits and pieces of Xcode, but then I discovered GameSalad, which seems to be a very handy way to make games for the iPhone, without having to learn Objective C. That completely threw me.

Can someone please advise me, are there any caveats to taking the GameSalad route and putting Obj-C and Xcode on the "backburner"? I'm also a bit unsure about how far I can go with the free version of GameSalad. It seems too good to be true.

Also, is there perhaps another environment which specifically caters for iPhone game development?

I want to make simple games for iPhone, but I want to go about it the right way.

Thanks for any advice. Sneaky
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From a quick perusal of their site, it does indeed seem like a great app, but, for people who can't code. Also, what hidden stuff is going on in there, I'm not sure. A quick google search led me to this quote:
Quote:They own the copyright. We'll give them the ability to generate executables. If people want an iPhone app or executable, it's similar to Photobucket or iPhoto where you have a collection of photos and you pay to print. If you want to publish it or create an executable, we'll have different services that will allow you to do that.
Location: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/03/15/sxsw-2...velopment/

So, not entirely sure how you feel about that. I'd say if you have some programming knowledge / the ability to learn to program, do it yourself! Not only is it a great learning opportunity, but a great skill to have. Start with the basics of Objective-C and iPhone development, look at some tutorials, feel free to ask any questions here.
Once you have some Objective-C background, the book sold by these guys at: http://www.71squared.com/ is pretty good for getting into Game development and OpenGL ES. They also do some video tutorials. I used it recently to get a grasp on OpenGL programming on the iPhone for a game I was making in one of my classes.
So, I guess, in summary: If you can learn to code, learn to code! It'll be useful beyond the iPhone.
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If you're serious about game development, I recommend staying away from GameSalad. Instead, go ahead with Objective-C, and try out the Cocos2D-iPhone framework which does a lot of the dirty work for you.

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Thanks both for the replies.

I think I've decided against GameSalad. Mainly because of the problem with ownership and because apparently the games are not very well optimized.

Cocos 2D seems to be the route a lot of people take, but I've been reading about Corona, and it seems interesting.
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I've decided on XCode/Cocos2D etc.

I really liked Corona, until I realized it was $350/year.
I've bought a couple of books and I'm knuckling down.

Back in a couple of weeks LOL

Thanks again!
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Corona is $350 a year -- but you don't have to pay until you're ready to submit your game to the app store. It used to be a 30-day trial, now it's an unlimited trial. So while you still have to pay, you don't have to pay up front just to get started.

I've been programming since the mid-80s and am so happy I've found Corona -- because I don't want to *program* -- I want to write games. And while there *is* programming required with Corona, it's nothing like you have to do with Obj-C.

It's possible I've just gotten lazy in my old age. Wink (Or smarter?)


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