Another beginner's question about displaying an animated object

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Hi Guys,

Freshly subscribed after anonymously looking for a long time, I have a question I know has been discussed in the past, but I couldn't find an answer.

I'm developing an application for Mac, which is quite boring and not a game, so I'd like to add some eye candy to it. Basically, it is a revamp of sunCase, an app I released 5 years ago to just drag and drop covers on it to print a the right size for you cd or dvd box.

I currently use NSViews subclass to 'dress' the image with the dvd or bd box in a new interface very 10.7 like.

The idea for next release would be to have an animated object, a dvd case for example, that I could open, and give it a texture dynamically, giving a realistic view of the output.

I can have the book that opens itself (rigged?) designed by a friend of mine, but what would be the best way to render it then?

Form what I gathered on your forums and around on the web, it seems md2 models are quite easy to load and animate, given you have the right model.

I'm wondering if that's a good way to go because everywhere it is said that md2 is great for game models and such, which is not what I want to do.

Let me know what you think, of if I should stick to NSView and forget the whole idea ;-)

Many thanks,
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md2 is basically a series of keyframes and to animate you simply interpolate vertex positions from one frame to the next. While that works ok for game characters, it's not actually ideal for anything that has to "rotate". If your model is composed of a few pieces articulated at a hinge, it will probably be easier to just load those pieces separately and animate them in code.
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Try using CoreAnimation to animate the opening of the is pretty straight forward and you can avoid having to create a 3d model.
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