huge size difference in adhoc vs dist and lite vs full

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I am really worried that my adhoc lite version, dist lite and dist full are all the same size unzipped, but they are 6.9 megs,8 megs, 9.6 megs respectively. Does anyone else happen to know if this happened to them too? Makes me worry that something is being left out. They are all the same size unzipped though. The lite and full are almost identical, just have a slightly modified graphic and a few less lines of code via a #ifdef statement. My full version adhoc and distribution are the exact same size zipped...
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A few thoughts occur:
  • If it's a zip, you can simply unzip it and verify differences using diff -r, right?
  • If you're creating a zip with Finder's "Compress" command, I've seen that leave whole files out of the resulting archive for no apparent reason. I'm guessing this isn't how you're creating the zip, but just in case...
  • Unlikely, but conceptually valid: If your different versions are the same _size_ on disk but have different sorts of _contents_, then they may have different compression ratios, resulting in a differing compressed size.
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