Possible bug in Apple's touch handling?

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I may have found a bug in how iOS sends touch information to my custom UiView (EAGLView).

I'm drawing the number of touches in each phase (UITouchPhaseBegan, UITouchPhaseMoved etc), to the screen ... and getting some interesting results.

I hold and press down one finger, then touch the screen with a second finger; then very quickly raise (off the screen) and lower (place on the screen) the second finger.

The system is then reporting that I have one touch, in either began, moved or stationary phase; but the second touch is in the ended phase.

I have 2 fingers still on the screen. The system is telling me I only have 1 finger on screen.

Is this a known bug?
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Well, just been playing on some other games (doodle kart, and reckless racing), and they both seem to exhibit the same behaviour...

1. Press and hold one finger, somewhere on the screen (not on a virtual control).

2. Hold a second finger on a virtual control (left, right, etc).

3. Quickly release the second finger, and re-press on to the same virtual control.

4. Keep repeating 3; eventually, you will find your second finger pressing on the control, but the control is not lit up or activating (i.e. the system is telling the app, that the touch is in the ended phase).

5. When this (4) happens, if you release the first finger; or, move the second finger; the system correctly reports the second touch, and the virtual control lights up etc.

Anyone else noticed this behaviour?
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