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Hi there. We just finished our first project and thought i would pop by and say hello! I wish we had known about this place ealier on. We will start a WIP thread for our next project...

Looking forward to being part of this community, it looks like fun!
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Don't be shy, show some screens of your first project and a little about yourself.
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Agreed, we don't bite (usually! Rasp).
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Thanks guys, We did not want to just turn up and spam this place but since you asked here is our bumf about our first project: ColdSpell.

We kept this one nice and simple but it was still a suprising amount of work. It has left us well poised for further projects though...

You can visit our website http://touchheroes.blogspot.com to see more information, screenshots and a video about ColdSpell.

If you want to give ColdSpell a try its http://itunes.com/apps/coldspell in the Appstore

Read on to hear a bit about our first endevour...

"COLD" "SPELL" "IS" "AWESOME" and thousands of other words are at your disposal in the latest and greatest word spelling game to hit iOS! You've played the rest, now play the best!

With intuitive controls ColdSpell is simple to pick up and play and is suitable for everyone from children to grandparents.

ColdSpell combines the traditional word spelling mechanic you'll find in lots of other word games but it does so with an arcade twist to bring more excitement to the genre. Rather than the letter board be static and you just try and find as many words as possible, the letters vanish when used and are replaced by new ones. This may sound like a minor difference but it brings in a new tactical element where you try and move tiles next to others to allow large words to be formed. The way new tiles appear is also based on the rotation of the device so you can slide tiles in different directions to get them where you want them.

As described above, we have 4 modes in which to play ColdSpell. We believe this sets us apart from other word games which only offer 1 or 2 modes:
- 'Chill' is where you can relax and get used to the controls.
- 'Time Trial' sees you trying for the highest score against the clock.
- 'Elimination' is more of a puzzle game. The tiles aren't replaced and so you must plan ahead to combinations of letters able to spell words.
- Finally we have 'Challenge'. This combines the elements of all game modes but with set tasks to complete, 'Spell words with no vowels', 'Spell 6 letter words'. Whilst this might sound simple it is great fun and like Angry Birds/Cut The Rope each level is scored against a star rating system so you come back trying to improve your rating.

We also believe that word games like this are best with a bit of competition against friends. Whilst we didn't have time to put in a full multiplayer mode we encourage competitive play by showing your friends best scores as soon as a game ends. Unlike other titles you don't need to head into leaderboard screens off a menu because we show how your friends are doing straight away, so you can try and beat them!

If you have any feedback for us on ColdSpell then please let us know through our website: TOUCHHEROES WEBSITE

We hope you enjoy playing Coldspell and if you have any feedback for us please do not hold back. We will be doing a post mortem in a few weeks time and would appreciate the input.
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