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Hi all,

I must be thick or something but I can't get xcode to build for a debug on the device. I can build a release (and have bugs!); but I can't convince it to do debug device (everything is fine in simulator release or debug)
Can anyone please help?


Think I've got it working but the debugger seems to get upset and outputs
mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: Not enough frames in stack.

At any break point; what does that error message mean?
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"mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: Not enough frames in stack." Happens when the call stack gets corrupted and the debugger can't read it to figure out where in the program the crash happened.

90% of the time when this happens to me it's because I'm calling a method on a deallocated object and the Objective-C messaging function crashes. I may be confusing it with another error though.

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