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Hey guys,

I just joined and this looks like a great forum for us devs Smile

Does anyone have any experience with procedural generated graphics? Tiny Birds is a good example of what can be done, but I cant find that many examples for generating landscapes etc.
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Say what? Probably like half of the articles out there on procedural graphics are about terrain.

A good place to start is to learn about noise functions like perlin, simplex or worley noise. By mixing them, you can make a lot of different interesting things.

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Tiny Wings (I assume that's what you meant-never heard of Tiny Birds?) is actually a fairly mundane example of what can be done - generating smooth hills is a lot easier than most every other problem that's been researched in the area.

There's a pretty good wiki for procedural content generation:
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May be you find interesting some of this work (all of it procedural):
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If you're interested in recreating the the Tiny Wings landscape, there is a good writeup here on how to do so.
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