iTorque 2D 1.5 Preview Released

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A lot of people still may not care for the Torque game engine line, but I love it and the GarageGames community. <3

They've released the first preview of iTorque 2D 1.5 (the iOS version of Torque 2D), with a few updated features that have been overdue for a while (such as Game Center support). With all of their engines still going on their post-InstantAction sale at $99, it's a great time to jump in if you don't want to pay the full price for the source-available copies of the engines. <3

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Hey Nobody. Just wanted to pop in and say "thanks" for the shout out. After rebooting and coming back as GarageGames, which is a great feeling, we are putting some really strong focus on iTorque 2D. The iOS platform is a great opportunity for game makers and we want to make sure developers who use our engine get what they need to have fun and make something cool.

On a personal level, iTorque 2D is my favorite engine and I love working on it. The 1.5 Preview 1 was very small in scope, but delivered on a feature I have always wanted. If you are happy with the first preview, you are going to love the upcoming ones =)

Again, thanks for the support!

Mich (GarageGames project manager and iTorque 2D programmer).

Edit - It's also worth noting that we are staffing up on our mobile development side, so if any of you talented iOS developers are looking for work you should check out our hiring page ( It's a great time to be an iOS developer =)
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Welcome, Mich. Pass on word that I'm still tapping my foot for the T2D overhaul. Wink I wrote multiplayer tetris in T2D several years ago, and figuring out that networking was quite the undertaking. I seemed to have been the first to really try it. I'm looking forward to the new system and all of the other changes.
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Hey Seth. Thanks for the welcome. The collective tapping of said feet is louder an army of vezuvela players, so you are not alone. A lot of those T2D R&D videos were really exciting, just not battle tested or fully integrated.

On the specific note of networking, I don't think an overhaul will be needed if we want to push this into iTorque 2D. Sure, it would be no small task to get a real-time networking architecture integrated into iT2D. However, the Game Kit framework gives us plenty of rope to come up with a solution that is tailored toward iOS developers. I have written a few networking apps from scratch to familiarize myself with the framework, so it's just a matter of time and effort.

Not saying this would be a final 1.5 features, since we have a few other very critical sections of the engine to improve to give our community what they have been asking about for years.
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