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I would like to use the same shader in my mac app as in my iOS app - the only difference is the presence of the precision qualifiers.

Is there an easy approach to #define the precision qualifiers so that I can share the same shader source for both mac and iOS?

(OSC mentioned how to do this before, but I can't remember the details)

Thanks in advance for any help
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glShaderSource takes an array of strings that are concatenated together, so, on iOS, set string 0 to

#version 100

and on desktop, to

#version 110
#define highp
#define mediump
#define lowp

... and put your own source in string 1.

Where you need to declare global precision, you can use the GL_ES predefined macro to conditionalize:

#if defined(GL_ES)
precision highp float;
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Thanks OSC - That worked perfectly!
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