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Hi All, im new to this site and have come to a decision that i want to start to learn how to *PROGRAMME* actually to be specific i want to develop my own iphone game, i have no clue how to programme and am under no illusion as to how long this could take, however i tend to put alot of time into things that im interested in and believe i could put full force into what i want to do..

so what i know so far is that i need to learn C language, objective-C and cocoa?

is there any books recommended that will get me onto the path i seek after reading them all?

i have searched on google but it seems that if you need a specific answer you need to start a thread and hope that intelligent people as yourselves could answer my query?

im guessing it would take me about 1-2 years to fully grasp the concept however iv learned many programmes quickly than estimated just by using them.. so your advice please?
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Welcome to the forums Smile

(Nov 26, 2011 12:43 PM)8salacious9 Wrote:  so [...] i need to learn C language, objective-C and cocoa?

Pretty much; depending on the type of game you want to create you'll most likely also need to learn OpenGL ES; I'd recommend you learn C before trying to learn Objective-C - I haven't read the most recent edition, but I'd recommend Learn C on the Mac by Dave Mark - there's a preview of the first few chapters of the book here.

(Also, if you're more interested in developing your game than in learning to program there are tools such as Unity - those tools doesn't obviate the need to learn how to program, but you don't need to learn as much - however, whilst you gain in eg. development speed you lose in eg. performance.)

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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I am not sure you really need to learn all these languages right from the start...

It all boils down to what you want to make (i.e. your concept) and what platforms you want to release for.

You said iPhone so that means you should really try out Objective-C. There are a ton of sample projects to check out that work as soon as you build the project. There you can pick up a lot of stuff on what triggers what and go from there. Tweak some stuff and make it your own.

If you want to do release for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and more, then Unity3d may be right for you. That is all JavaScript and C#... C# is a hot programming language today so it is always a good thing to have under your belt anyways, especially if you want to program for a living.

Unity3D is free to try and they also have a ton of sample projects out there. You would need to pay $800 for iOS and Android licenses in order to build to those devices but just pay before you release a good game and hope you get your money back lol.

There is also MonoTouch which can make iOS and Android cross platform development easier. Program it once and deploy to both devices. Problem here is that it is $700 for both licenses of Mono.
BTW iOS requires a yearly $99 dev license on top of these program licenses. $25 is for Android.

Lot's of options...
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Programming is a small part of an entire science. Computer Science is what is used for Software Engineering.

Sure, an amateur could build a house, but to do it right you need all the right tools, plenty of experience, knowledge, and a team of professionals to help you.

Even if you scale it down to a project small enough for 1 person and some of these nifty tools like Unity3d, you'll run into things that will completely floor you.

This is not to undermine your intelligence or determination, because I'm sure there are plenty of amateur programmers out there that are quite successful. But the question you ask is something of such broad scope that the best answer IMO, is get yourself a nice Associates Degree and go from there.

The knowledge required is vast. Nobody can tell you something that will get you on the right track to programming in a simple paragraph, other than (to sum it up): "train for it".

I read a quote: "Before I became a ninja, I was a nobody but I never gave up." I love this because it's so true. You can be anything you want to be. If you're serious about it find a nice local community college and do it!

I've got an Associates and a Bachelors and about 5 years experience, yet every day I work hard learning as much as I can because there's just SO MUCH to know! That's what I love about this profession.
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