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I have everything down on paper and I am going to be doing my layout/user interface. Do I have to use Interface Builder or can I use Photoshop and splice the PSD like I would for a website.

I am new to IOS programming so just wondering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Most games aren't laid out in interface builder- even for the UI of the game.

You can create your artwork in photoshop and cut it up into indivudal pieces like a website.. But you can also do that in interface builder if you're applying custom artwork to your buttons.

I think it would be helpful to know what sort of game you're making so we can help you decide what sort of user interface would work best for you.

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Interfaces are not simply images, they're a deep hierarchal collection of many different kinds of objects. If you're creating a custom UI appearance, you're still going to use Photoshop either way. Separate from that is how you're actually going to construct your interface — using UIKit classes, custom CALayers, from scratch in OpenGL ES, or whatever method used by the game engine you're using.
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Hi Thanks for the feedback. I have not had time to look at this in more detail but will be starting to program and get my APP idea going sometime this week.


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