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Creating Games with Cocos2d for iPhone 2

Seth Willits — Feb 21, 2013

The iDevGames review of Paul Nygard’s book “Creating Games with Cocos2d for iPhone 2”

Tips When Starting a New Game

iDevGames — Jan 07, 2013

So you’re ready to sit down and create a new game? Great! But are you sure you have a plan that will give you the best chance for success? What follows are some helpful suggestions to keep you from falling into some common pitfalls of game development, which could leave your project dead in the water before you even begin coding.

Inside Big Nerd Ranch's OpenGL Bootcamp

Alex Diener — Oct 01, 2012

Big Nerd Ranch asked iDevGames to send out a developer to run through their OpenGL Bootcamp.

Collision Detection and Spatial Indexes

Andy Korth Scott Lembcke — May 11, 2012

In the realm of collision detection and other game code, a good broadphase algorithm can be vital for many kinds of games to run in real time if they have a lot of moving objects in the game. Learn how to write your own.

iGIPF — An iOS Game in 2 Weeks

Alexey Grunichev — Apr 18, 2012

Follow along with the development of iGIPF, a casual strategy game created in two weeks for the iPhone.

Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook Review

Alex Sikora — Mar 02, 2012

This book covers version 1.0 of Cocos2d for iPhone, and targets developers familiar with Obj-C looking to create 2D games for iOS.

King of Dragon Pass — Postmortem

David Dunham — Jan 06, 2012

King of Dragon Pass is a game for iPhone, set in Glorantha (world of the games HeroQuest and RuneQuest).

Z1 Postmortem

Carlos Camacho — Oct 19, 2011

The postmortem of Z1, a uDevGames 2011 entry which took second place for Best Story and Best Graphics. Z1 was created by Carlos Camacho and Doug Whitmore.

Flying Sweden Postmortem

Will Miller — Oct 19, 2011

The postmortem of Flying Sweden, uDevGames 2011 winner for Best Graphics and Most Original, created by Will Miller.

Kung Fu Killforce Postmortem

Justin Ficarotta — Oct 16, 2011

The postmortem of the uDevGames 2011 winner Kung Fu Killforce from Justin Ficarrotta. KFK won Best Overall Game, Best Presentation, and Best Audio.

Leader of Mans Postmortem

Andy Korth — Oct 16, 2011

The postmortem for the uDevGames 2011 winning 2nd place Overall, Leader of Mans, by Andy Korth.

Convergence Postmortem

Alex Diener — Oct 16, 2011

The postmortem of Convergence, the uDevGames 2011 winner for Best Gameplay, and 4th place Overall.

TimeGoat Postmortem

Priyesh Dixit — Oct 15, 2011

The postmortem for uDevGames entry TimeGoat, by Priyesh Dixit, which placed 1st for Best Story.

Felinity Postmortem

Brian Ramagli — Oct 15, 2011

The postmortem for Felinity, a uDevGames 2011 entry by Brian Ramagli which won third place in Originality, and sixth place Overall.

Your Story Postmortem

Max Williams — Oct 15, 2011

The postmortem for uDevGames 2011 entry Your Story, by Max Williams and Scott Lembcke, which placed 3rd Overall

uDevGames Survival Guide

Justin Ficarotta — Jul 01, 2011

Learn how to survive entering uDevGames from the multiple-time winner Justin Ficarotta.

Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide Review

Alex Sikora — Mar 15, 2011

This book covers the latest version of Cocos2d, and targets developers familiar with Obj-C looking to create 2D games for iOS.

GDC 2011: Alex Diener's After Action Report

Alex Diener — Mar 09, 2011

Alex Diener discusses his experience attending the game development sessions at the 2011 Game Developers Conference.

GDC 2011: Howling Moon's After Action Report

Andy Korth — Mar 08, 2011

Howling Moon’s Andy Korth shouts out from 25th Annual Game Developers Conference 2011.

Tips for Creating Audio for the iPhone

Nathan Madsen — Jan 10, 2011

Nathan Madsen covers some of the characteristics of the iPhone audio experience and provides tips for how audio creators can adapt their audio files and formats to best suit playback on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers

Brian Ramagli — Oct 18, 2010

Book review of “Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers” by Dave Wooldridge, Jack Nutting and David Mark. This book covers all of the new iOS API changes specific to the iPad and how to adopt them to make your iPhone applications feel perfectly at home on the iPad.

Beginning iPhone Game Development

Mark Szymczyk — Aug 26, 2010

Review of the book “Beginning iPhone Game Development” from Apress, written by PJ Cabrera, Peter Bakhirev, Ian Marsh, Ben Britten Smith, Eric Wing, Scott Penberthy, published May 2010.

Chopper 2 for iPhone Postmortem

David Frampton — Aug 19, 2010

Chopper 2

Time-Based Animation

Alex Diener — Jul 08, 2010

This tutorial demonstrates a way of running animation and game logic at a constant speed independent of effective frame rate. It’s a pretty simple technique that everyone should learn.

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story