uDevGames 2001

In 2001, the first “uDevGame” contest was held. It was the first Macintosh game programming contest run by iDevGames, and the biggest of it’s kind at the time. Although iDevGames was just a small website, uDevGame was able to attract sponsorship from Aladdin Systems, Inc., Eovia, FaceSpan, IK Multimedia, Metrowerks, Onyx Technology, Inc., Replica Technology, STAZ Software, and Strata Software, to reward developers with some great prizes worth $3,700.


After two intensive months of development, and another month of nail biting, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners for uDevGame 2001, the first Macintosh game programming contest:

  • 1st Place: Turtle Turmoil by Will Helling
  • 2nd Place: Silly Balls by William Thimbleby
  • 3rd Place: Evolution by Sacha Saxer
  • 4th Place: GL Fighters by David Rosen
Judge Turtle Turmoil Silly Balls Evolution GL Fighter
Bryan Chaffin 9 6 5 6
Carlos Camacho 8 7 5 6
Dee Brown 10 8 5 4
George Warner 7 7 6 5
Ian Ollmann 7 8 5 3
Mark Szymczyk 10 7 6 5
Total Score 51 43 32 29

Congratulations to all particpants!

About the Judges:

And now, we would like to introduce the panel of judges along with their background:

Bryan Chaffin

Editor-in-Chief, The Macintosh Observer
Bryan is a long time Macintosh user and the man behind the top Macintosh news site Mac Observer. As the editor of Mac Observer, he has a keen eye for upcoming Macintosh trends and spends his free time evaluating the latest Macintosh commercial and Shareware games.

Carlos Camacho

Editor-in-Chief, iDevGames
Founder of iDevGames, Carlos is working towards building a community for Macintosh developers to exchange information and to collaborate on future game projects. When he’s not writing about Mac-first games, he enjoys creating royalty-free graphics and sounds for Macintosh game developers. You can read further about Carlos in his two-part editorial.

Dee Brown

President/CEO, Beenox inc.
Dee is President of Beenox and has an extensive background in console game development, having worked on such Playstations games as: Bugs Bunny, 3-2-1 Smurfs!, and The Grinch who stole Christmas. He is currently designing and developing the Coldstone RPG Game Engine for the Macintosh.

George Warner

A senior support scientist in Apple Computer, Inc.’s
Developer Technical Support (DTS) group. When not answering questions about the Code Fragment Manger (CFM), the Mixed Mode Manager (MMM), Multi-processing, and general Mac OS programming etc. he can usually be found lurking on several mailing lists including Mac-Game-Dev, MT/SMP and Carbon-dev (see: <http://lists.apple.com/>) or hosting developer kitchens for Carbon, Multiprocessing and Macintosh game developers.

Ian Ollmann

Guru programmer
Medicinal Chemist turned AltiVec enthusiast, Ian Ollmann now works in the AltiVec team in Apple’s CoreOS group, seeking for a cure for the scalar blues. He is a regular on Apple’s Mac-Game-Dev mailing list and has also written in-depth tutorials for iDevGames. You can find out more about his development work at Alien Orb.

Mark Szymczyk

Author, President of Black Apple Software
Mark is founder of Black Apple Software, a Macintosh game development company. He has written several tutorials for iDevGames and is currently hard at work on his upcoming Macintosh game development book alled “Programming Killer Mac Games” for Prima Publishing.

Pierre-Olivier Latour

Manager and Lead Programmer, French Touch software
Pierre-Olivier has been programming on the PowerMac platform in C/C++ for about 5 years and is an ADC member. He’s been mainly working on audio programs and has an intimate knowledge of the Sound Manager, but he’s now studying the graphic world of the Mac including 2D and real-time 3D. His home page is a great resource for Macintosh developers looking for source code examples.

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story